#TTT – Throwback Thursday Trends: Denim Skirt

TT Denim Skirt

Even as a little nugget I was a little fashionista, courtesy of my mom of course (thank you,mom!).  The denim skirt was a staple of my little closet, but sadly, like all trends it came to a sad end. But its making its merry little way back into our closets!

From pencil skirts to mini skirts here are some daring ladies taking on the revamped denim skirt trend!

Daring denim ladies.

Daring denim ladies.

Because you can never go wrong with a little denim, here are some denim skirts you can purchase to try out the trend yourself, from a lower price range, medium, and high price.


1. Topshop Button Front Denim Skirt (Nordstrom Exclusive)

2. Alexa Chung for AG Denim Midi Skirt

3. Stella McCartney – Denim Skirt

Until next time, do with things with kindness and style.



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